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Monrose is led by a capable, complimentary duo. Richard Chesterfield will make you feel at home and well taken care of, and will share a great story or memory, while Donna can take a vision and execute flawlessly. She is a pro's pro... She is direct, clear and a quick problem solver. The food reflects their strengths - classy without being pretentious, well presented, but above all else, fresh and delicious! We got numerous compliments from start to finish. The simplest things were done perfectly - chicken moist, veggies grilled beautifully, fantastic fresh bread! Our dessert table was a work of art. Ask Donna for suggestions, and take them, she knows better than you do. Each employee seemed to be an experienced pro. And in the end, a darn good value (especially for LA)! We had a ton of very good vendors for our event, but Monrose was the best, period.

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